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 BIOPORE™ Sheets
BIOPORE™ implant Sheets provide the surgeon with excellent reconstructive options for orbital floor and wall repair. It also permits various applications in craniofacial reconstruction in maxillofacial corrections and reconstructive surgeries. The sheets are porous on both sides allowing rapid fibrovascular ingrowth. This allows a firm scaffold for reconstruction.

The applications of the BIOPORE™ sheet are limited only by the imagination of the surgeon. The experience with these sheet implants has shown it to have diverse applications in various craniofacial and neurosurgical reconstructions. The ready availability of BIOPORE™ Sheets helps the surgeon avoid the morbidity and time associated with harvesting the graft material.
BIOPORE™ Sheets are available in a thicknesses of 1mm/1.5mm
BIOPORE™ Sheets      
Catalogue Dimensions
2010                    38mm x 50mm x 1.0mm
2020 38mm x 50mm x 1.5mm
2030 76mm x 50mm x 1.0mm
2040 76mm x 50mm x 1.5mm
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