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  Product - Ocular Implants
 BIOPORE™ Orbital Spheres FSSC©
 (Front Smooth Surface and Channels)
BIOPORE™ orbital spheres are also available with Front Smooth Surface that reduce the risk of exposure of the orbital implants inserted without overlying fascia or scleral wrap. In addition the presence of tunnel like channels on the front smooth surface of the spheres allows the extra ocular muscles to be sutured through these preformed channels.

The sutures can be tied together in the front to allow the muscle to reach within 3mm of the implant apex. Alternatively the sutures can be left loose to allow overhang of the muscles to the desired distance.
  BIOPORE™ Orbital Spheres FSSC©    
Catalogue # Description Dimensions
1010 Sphere 18mm diameter
1020 Sphere 20mm diameter
1030 Sphere 22mm diameter
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