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  Description   Catalogue  L           H  Qty   Select
Extended-Orbital Rim LEFT 3010 47mm x 40mm
Extended-Orbital Rim RIGHT 3011 47mm x 40mm   
  Description   Catalogue  L      H    T  Qty   Select
Extended-Malar LEFT 4010 47mm x 24mm x 4mm
Extended-Malar RIGHT 4011 47mm x 24mm x 4mm   
  Description   Catalogue  H           T  Qty   Select
Nasal Dorsum Shape Small 5010 53mm x 5mm
Nasal Dorsum Shape Large 5011 66mm x 8mm   
  Description   Catalogue  L      B      T Qty   Select
Petite Nasal Dorsum 5012 56mm  x  6mm  x 6mm
  Description   Catalogue    L      Diameter      T  Qty
Nasal Arch Shape 5030 76.5mm  x  15mm  x 2.3mm
  Description   Catalogue    L      B      T  Qty
Nasal Sheet 5020 40mm  x  9mm  x 1.1mm
  Description   Catalogue    L      B      T  Qty   Select
Two-Piece Chin-Anatomic Contour 6010 78mm x 9mm x 1.1mm
  Description   Catalogue    L     H      T   Qty   Select
Mandible Implant With Angle LEFT 7010 74mm x 33mm x 5mm (at angle)
Mandible Implant With Angle RIGHT 7020 74mm x 33mm x 5mm (at angle)
  Description   Catalogue  Dimensions Qty   Select
BIOPORE™ Sheets 3010 38mm x 50mm x 1.0mm
2020 38mm x 50mm x 1.5mm
2030 76mm x 50mm x 1.0mm
2040 76mm x 50mm x 1.0mm
  Description   Catalogue Dimensions Qty   Select
Orbital Floor (trumpet barrier) 2050 36mm x 50mm x 1.0mm
Orbital Floor (trumpet barrier) 2060 36mm x 50mm x 1.5mm   
Rectangle Barrier 2070 36mm x 50mm x 1.0mm
Rectangle Barrier 2080 36mm x 50mm x 1.5mm
  Description   Catalogue  Dimensions  Qty   Select
Sphere 0101 14mm diameter
Sphere 0102 16mm diameter
Sphere 0103 18mm diameter
Sphere 0104 20mm diameter
Sphere 0105 22mm diameter
Sphere 0106 24mm diameter
  Description   Catalogue Dimensions   Qty   Select
Sphere 1010 18mm diameter
Sphere 1020 20mm diameter   
Sphere 1030 22mm diameter
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