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About Us
BIOPORE™ Surgicals is a professionally promoted company specializing in porous HDPE platform for use in human implantation. Company is ISO 13485 certified as well as representing the best practices in implant manufacturing. BIOPORE™ has the technology for creating pHDPE implants for diverse applications in head, face and neck implantation. Quality is the bedrock for all implant related activities. The BIOPORE™ Implant has undergone rigid parametric testing as per international standards. Various clinical trials conducted at reputed institutions have proven the safety and suitability of the BIOPORE™ Implant . CE marking for company products is already in place and an ongoing activity. International benchmarks are our hallmarks. All implants from BIOPORE™ meet rigid norms.
  “ Implant of choice - BIOPORE™
  BIOPORE™ Surgical Implants
BIOPORE™ Surgical implants are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet many applications.

The firm nature of BIOPORE™ implants allows the implant to be readily carved and shaped without fear of collapsing the pores.

In vitro and in vivo biocompatibility studies have shown the BIOPORE™ implants to be free from any observable systemic or cytotoxic effects.The BIOPORE™ implants may be easily shaped with a scalpel BIOPORE™ implants are provided STERILE, packaged individually in double peel pouches.
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