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 BIOPORE™ Orbital Floor and Wall implants
Tissublock are specially designed sheets. This has a special non-porous barrier on one side to prevent tissue attachment to the implant surface.
The barrier is made of non-porous, high-density polyethylene. It is heat-bonded to the porous material. This eliminates the need for adhesives or additives.
The porous side of implant becomes vascularized in the same manner as a regular BIOPORETM sheet implant. The barrier sheet implant. The barrier sheets are available in two barrier patterns, with either a trumpet-shaped or a rectangular barrier.
The trumpet shaped barrier is specially designed for the orbital floor repairs. The rectangular barrier has diverse applications in maxillofacial and neurosurgical surgeries.
BIOPORE™ Orbital Floor and Wall implants    
Catalogue # Description L     Diameter     T
2050 Orbital Floor (Trumpet Barrier) 36mm x 50mm  x 1.0 mm
2060 Orbital Floor (Trumpet Barrier) 36mm x 50mm  x 1.5 mm
2070 Rectangular Barrier 36mm x 50mm  x 1.0 mm
2080 Rectangular Barrier 36mm x 50mm  x 1.5 mm
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