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 BIOPORE™ Flexibleblock
The Flexible block allows the surgeon to fill bone defects as needed. It offers the Strength & the flexibility well known with BIOPORE™ Biomaterial.

It has a Smooth exterior surface & uniform pedicles on inner side. The pedicles Provide the Flexibility as well as the Volume. The implant can be shaped by taking advantage of the gaps between the pedicles. The perimeter of the implant can be reshaped & the pedicles need to b e cut such that an adequate flange is formed to rest on the surrounding bone. It can be Stabilized by use of surgical sutures, wires or rigid fixations methods using plates & screws.

  BIOPORE™ Flexibleblock
Catalogue # Product Dimensions
2081 Flexibleblock              90mm x 55mm x 4.5mm
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